Problem Using Serilog on .NET6 MVC Project in VS Code on Mac

Answer a question I'm migrating a legacy .NET 2.2 Core MVC App to .NET 6. One of my challenges is that Program.cs no longer calls Startup.cs so I need to migrate everything to Program.cs. Mostly, that

How to run seperate folder of pytests in VScode

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Can't get python script to output a graph?

Answer a question I'm a complete novice with this platform and software development and coding as a whole. I need some help getting my python script to work and output a graph. I have it working in MA

Adding Dexie.js queries in JavaScript file gives hint of missing type

Answer a question If I add a Dexie.js query in a JavaScript file such as: let friends = liveQuery(async () => { return await db.friends .where("age") .between(18, 65) .toArray(); }); I get a hint like

Certain C code not displaying output in VS Code

Answer a question So basically, I have this simple Hello World program and when executed, it outputs correctly. #include <stdio.h> int main(){ printf("Hello"); } Output: Hello But for some reason addi

Visual Studio Code - error NU1101: Unable to find package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore

Answer a question I am using Visual Studio Code (VS Code) Editor for ASP.NET Core-5 Web API. I have installed different packages in the VS Code without any error. However, when I did: dotnet run I got

VS code - Hide build/echo task for cpp

Answer a question I'm using VS Code for running c++ code. Whenever I Ctrl + Shift + B to build my .cpp file, an 'echo' tab pops up, which makes the entire bottom panel appear and then I am asked to "T

How to validate selected text as JSON in VS Code?

Answer a question Is there an extension or other solution that allows you to validate selected text as JSON in VS Code? It's something very simple in concept that I've been doing for years in Notepad+

Why does Visual Studio Code force me to use a remote GitHub repository?

Answer a question Having initialised a local repo and made an initial commit, VS code prompts me to 'Publish Branch' on GitHub. I don't want to use GitHub as I am happy using a local repo in this case

Visual Studio Code cannot find mono path in OSX

Answer a question It seems the current version(s) of VScode can not automatically identify Mono path by default causing failure to execute Omnisharp(Intellisense not working, etc). It seems the issue